Janet Napolitano nearly killed by cancer medication… rushed to hospital after found unconscious… doctors “worried about brain damage”

Janet Napolitano, the former Homeland Security Secretary made infamous for announcing the “see something, say something” campaign that would now be utterly despised by the Left, was nearly killed by an overdose of cancer medications, reports Radar Online.

Described as a “terrifying event,” Radar Online reports that “Napolitano was unconscious for hours before a staffer discovered her body — and that an accidental overdose of her cancer medications was the culprit.”

Napolitano was apparently discovered in an unconscious state by a friend who called paramedics. “The doctors were worried about brain damage,” insiders told Radar Online, which also reports, “the sherriff’s office attorney for Oakland, California, told Radar that it was cancer drugs and NOT Napolitano’s illness itself that led to her hospitalization.”

Cancer “treatments” kill more people than cancer itself

Cancer medications are known for being especially toxic and can cause brain damage, liver damage and kidney damage. “Chemo brain” is a common side effect of chemotherapy treatment, and it is characterized by an inability to focus, loss of memory and loss of cognitive function. There’s little doubt that modern cancer “treatments” actually kill more people than cancer itself. (Yet their death certificates always state they were killed by cancer, not by chemotherapy or radiation.) Learn more about the toxic cancer industry at CancerScams.com.

According to Radar Online, Napolitano was diagnosed with cancer last year and has been undergoing “treatment” with toxic chemotherapy drugs for the last five months. Her cancer treatment history demonstrates yet again how the cancer industry is a total failure that never really prevents or treats cancer. “Napolitano had her right breast removed in 2000 after being diagnosed with cancer. Four years later, she had surgery to remove her right ovary and an ovarian cyst,” reports Radar Online.

Much of the cancer industry is a criminal racket. Just last year, a prominent oncologist in the Detroit area was sent to prison for falsely diagnosing African-American patients with cancer so he could profit from the chemotherapy “treatment” they didn’t need. Thousands of patients were ultimately subjected to toxic chemicals that damaged them for life. (RELATED: Read more stories about the horrors of oncology at Oncology.news)

LIVE by the State, DIE by the State

What’s especially sad and ironic in all this is that Janet Napolitano, an obedient minion of the tyrannical police state establishment, is being chemically murdered by the tyrannical medical establishment… and she doesn’t even know it.

While we hope Napolitano somehow achieves a speedy recovery, the laws of cause and effect betray the far more certain outcome that she will be killed by the very cancer “treatments” her ignorant doctors have told her are saving her life. Sadly, Napolitano looks determined to become yet another victim of the very same exploitative system of government lies she once proliferated in exchange for a paycheck. Remember: While she was telling America that patriots were terrorists, the cancer industry was telling America that there’s “no such thing as an anti-cancer food, nutrient or supplement.”

It turns out that believing establishment lies about cancer can literally cost you your life. Why are we not surprised she’s now in charge of California’s university education system that’s also steeped in a total disconnect from reality?

It turns out you really do reap what you sow.

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