Top 10 reasons your child has frequent headaches, abdominal pain, ADHD, allergies, skin problems, weight problems, and mental health issues

In America, parents are quick to rush their child to a medical doctor or even the emergency room the second symptoms of disease and disorder rear their ugly heads. Of course, this is a natural knee-jerk reaction to protect their child and prevent further health disarray, but the medications that are prescribed for most of these symptoms will accomplish the one thing parents absolutely DO NOT want – prolonged, worsened health conditions for their child.

The best way to solve most of the health issues children experience these days is to dig down and find the root of the problems, which almost always leads back to what they’re eating, drinking, and using for “medication.”

If you think the goons at the FDA and liars at the CDC are out to protect you and your children from toxic foods and disorder-inducing medicines, you are dead wrong. Clean up your food, water and medicine and your health improves almost instantly. Most of the diseases and disorders that are so common in America today are not only preventable, but easily curable.

A combination of organic food, spring water, natural remedies, and organic personal care products can change everything about your child’s health, without testing your kid like a guinea pig on experimental medications that medical doctors push like candy on “trick or treat” victims.

Clean up your kid’s food, water and medicine and their health improves almost instantly – Here are the top 10 most common ill-health culprits

#1. Consuming too many concentrated salts, including MSG, nitrates, soy protein isolates

#2. Eating high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and processed junk foods that contain known chemical pesticides

#3. Consuming food, drinks and candy that’s artificially colored with industrial-based chemical food dyes (the numbered blues, reds, and yellows)

#4. Ingesting synthetic, chemical sweeteners that are genetically modified and made in laboratories (think of aspartame and sucralose here)

#5. Eating conventional gluten that clogs their intestines and contains glyphosate, toxic conditioners, and chemical-based preservatives

#6. Drinking soda, energy drinks, and sports beverages that contain phosphoric acid, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and high doses of caffeine

#7. Drinking fluoridated water from the tap, at home or from water fountains at school (lowers IQ and causes ADHD)

#8. Getting unnecessary, experimental vaccines (that includes most of them) and flu shots

#9. Taking SSRI “psyche meds,” highly addictive opium-based painkillers, and ADD/ADHD prescription pharmaceuticals that increase anxiety, depression and “hopelessness” feelings, including suicidal tendencies

#10. Eating school breakfasts and lunches that are heavily processed and void of nutrition

What most parents don’t know about how vaccine ingredients are linked to their child’s severe “food” allergies

Did you know there are traces of peanut oil in vaccines? Ever wonder why millions of American children are deathly allergic to peanuts, but nobody was 70 years ago?

Is your child allergic to dairy products? Did you know they’re often used to brew vaccines? Yep. Casein is made from milk and it’s used to grow vaccine live viruses and deadly bacteria.

Does your child have severe latex allergies? Guess why. Think of the rubber needle cap and the rubber stoppers for vaccine vials that the needle penetrates.

Does monosodium glutamate give your child migraine headaches? It’s even worse when injected into muscle tissue. A genetically modified version of MSG is used as a “preservative” in most vaccines.

Almost every human on earth has an unnatural immune reaction to injections of foreign proteins that come from aborted babies – used in many of today’s vaccines.

Did you also know that there is 25,000 times the mercury in one flu shot than the EPA says is safe in fish or drinking water?

These are just a handful of reasons to avoid unnecessary vaccines and flu shots, and could also be the main culprit of your child’s current health issues.

Also, make sure your child or children aren’t using toxic personal care products that contain known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) like talc, aluminum, phthalates, parabens, or sodium lauryl sulfate, to name a few.

In today’s age of chemical-laced foods and carcinogenic allopathic medicines, you can’t shop blindly or visit just any old doctor. Seek out organic food, locally grown produce, and natural remedies. Want to visit a doctor who doesn’t just push pills for symptoms? Find a local Naturopathic Physician and watch your child’s health problems evaporate like a spilled Pepsi in the Sahara desert.

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