INSANITY: Mustard gas chemotherapy FEEDS cancer instead of fighting it

Are you looking to fight and beat cancer or feed it and be defeated by it? You’d better make up your mind, and fast. Most Americans, upon finding out they have cancer, make the biggest mistake of their lives when they choose between the lesser of evils – the “best” oncologist in their area.

Chemicals in foods, water, medications, home cleaning agents, and personal care products are the leading causes of cancer, yet when people are told they have cancer, they let medical doctors convince them, somehow, that more chemicals will kill the cancer cells, even though that’s the very fuel that cancer uses to spread.

Nitrogen mustard derived chemotherapy is still used today, yet sulfur mustard is a deadly poisonous gas used in WWI to kill the enemy. In fact, sulfur mustard was insidiously used as a chemical warfare agent to cause delayed casualties. Where’s the positive science in that?

Want to know more about an archaic “medical” treatment that fails 98 percent of the time? Will you be a “delayed casualty” of the American Allopathic medical system of chronic sick care management? This is worth careful consideration.

Why would any sane person infect their entire body with toxins and cripple their immune system just to address one certain area?

The year is not 1819, or 1919, it’s 2019, but for some reason 100 million Americans believe that one of the most destructive forms of “medicine” is their best option for attacking their sickened, mutated cells. We don’t use bloodletting or electroshock therapy for cancer, so why on earth does anyone use such an archaic treatment such as chemical warfare on their own body?

Warning: Mustard gas is extremely dangerous. Contact with the liquid or exposure to the vapor can cause blindness and severe burns. Mustard gas can also burn the soft tissue of the lungs and cause shortness of breath. Mustard gas derivatives, Cyclophosphamide, Chlorambucil, Melphalan, Ifosfamide, and Mechlorethamine are currently being used as chemotherapy in America, even though the formula is a death wish for the rest of the body.

Want some more history, so you don’t repeat it yourself? During World War II, naval personnel who were exposed to mustard gas during military action were found to have toxic changes in the bone marrow cells that develop into blood cells. That drug was the predecessor of methotrexate – the very same drug frequently used to treat cancer now. Has the medical community lost their collective minds, or are they in the business of spreading cancer to make themselves more money and keep their patients spending, spending, spending, all while suffering needlessly?

Sulfur mustard chemotherapy damages bone marrow cells needed for making blood cells, debilitating the human immune system

How could anyone legitimately fight and beat cancer without a normal functioning immune system? How can any human being stay positive and limit stress when the medicine being pumped into their blood at the hospital contains chemicals that severely disrupt the central nervous system and the digestive tract? Cholinergic toxicity is a condition marked by gastrointestinal cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea. The body loses the ability to retain nutrients and suffers nutritional deficiencies – the number one cause of over 900 diseases, including disorder of the cells (cancer).

Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered that chemotherapy spreads cancer throughout the body, causing a spike in cancer cells that circulate through the body, searching for other damaged tissues and organs to take over. So even if the chemo kills the cancer at the targeted area, the rest of the body is polluted with chemicals that trigger a massive breeding of mutated cells (TMEM complexes and circulating tumor cells, including metastatic dissemination) that you may never be able to defeat.

One hundred years ago, 17 million people died in a war, many of whom suffered from chemical warfare attacks on the front lines, stuck in the trenches in a living hell while breathing in deadly gasses created by industrial chemists. Reports of a “shimmering cloud” came in, describing a strange peppery smell in the air. The soldiers that survived developed horrific blisters and sores, and then began coughing up blood. They had been poisoned with mustard gas, and would all die within six weeks.

Just because mainstream medicine and most medical doctors declare chemotherapy as your “best chance” at beating cancer, does that mean it’s true? There are many choices for fighting and beating cancer, and ones that yield a much higher chance of success, without creating new cancers. Look into the power of natural cures for cancer, like turmeric, garlic, oil of oregano, CBD oils, and naturopathic physician recommended levels of Vitamin D and C. Avoid chemicals as “medicine” because chemicals are what cause cancer in the first place, including refined, pesticide-laden corn sugar.

Medical Bombshell: Chemotherapy SPREADS more cancer

Tune in to for updates on how allopathic “cures” for cancer actually spread it, and for natural cures that actually work and save you from mutating your own cells.

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